Get 10KH/s free mining power. No minimum deposit


  • No minimum deposit amount.
  • No minimum buy hash power.
  • Minimum withdrawal is 100 DOGE.
  • Earn 10% from referral earning.

Why choose us

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90,797.26201153 DOGE

37,925.11001587 DOGE

Latest Deposit

Date Coin Type Amount tx
2019-07-16 13:23:04DOGE35View
2019-07-15 22:48:05DOGE150View
2019-07-15 08:34:04DOGE700View
2019-07-14 05:51:04DOGE100.75View
2019-07-11 20:11:05DOGE100View
2019-07-09 00:35:05DOGE110View
2019-07-08 09:17:05DOGE50View
2019-07-08 01:10:05DOGE100View
2019-07-08 00:46:04DOGE40View
2019-07-07 22:27:05DOGE11View
2019-07-04 05:21:04DOGE200View
2019-07-02 16:20:06DOGE97View
2019-06-30 14:48:04DOGE20View
2019-06-30 07:18:04DOGE110View
2019-06-21 23:35:04DOGE48View
2019-06-17 13:01:04DOGE40View
2019-06-17 06:05:04DOGE64View
2019-06-15 10:30:05DOGE290.236View
2019-06-13 01:43:04DOGE212View
2019-06-12 15:16:04DOGE50View

Latest Withdraw

Coin Type Amount Date tx
DOGE1102019-06-23 08:13:07View
DOGE1002019-06-23 00:16:03View
DOGE1002019-06-22 16:24:01View
DOGE1002019-06-21 00:36:52View
DOGE111.2222019-06-20 11:23:07View
DOGE1002019-06-13 11:02:12View
DOGE1002019-06-13 09:44:38View
DOGE1002019-06-10 19:42:47View
DOGE1002019-06-09 17:10:56View
DOGE1002019-06-03 15:55:22View
DOGE1052019-06-02 17:37:06View
DOGE1002019-06-02 16:21:45View
DOGE1002019-06-01 18:08:17View
DOGE1012019-05-27 21:46:21View
DOGE1002019-05-27 03:33:55View
DOGE1002019-05-13 12:13:24View
DOGE1002019-05-12 20:27:14View
DOGE12002019-05-11 17:53:09View
DOGE2302019-05-11 01:12:20View
DOGE2002019-05-10 04:41:37View